Floodable Ford over Canalda River

Odèn  |  2019  |  Ajuntament d’Odèn

The Canalda river, as it passes through the Encies ditch, descends through a very narrow valley with high natural value. In the 60’s a flood took away the bridge that allowed communication with the houses of the municipality of Junyent. This didn’t stop the residents from getting used to crossing the river as the alternative mountain road was too long. The need for the passage of articulated forestry vehicles with wide turning radius, combined with the narrow orography of the valley, and the small budget of a municipality of less than 200 inhabitants, made it difficult to build a conventional bridge. and environmentally respectful action. It is proposed to the town council the possibility to execute a floodable ford that in exceptional floods (500 years) can’t be used. The proposal is based on the turning radius marked by vehicles on the riverbed, which in turn generates a convex geometry that does not oppose the passage of water and allows greater stability of the infrastructure. The ford, 4’80m wide and 8’50m long on the axis, is formalized as a thin slab that levitates over the river and doesn’t generate obstacles to the passage of water. The deactivated concrete finish allows integration with the riverbed pebble and the immediate surroundings of large conglomerate blocks. At the same time, the slab is bordered by a sheet of corten steel that dialogues with the changing wooded environment, formed by deciduous and perennial trees.