Sallent Station Walkway

Sallent  |  2021  |  6.610 m2  |  Ajuntament de Sallent

The Sallent Station Walkway takes up the area of the disappeared tracks of the Manresa-Bagà railway, which from the end of the 19th century until 1973 passed between the Llobregat river and the road, and connects the center of the village with the municipal secondary school. The project develops a linear viewpoint with panoramic views over the river and the old town, removing railings and integrating the river slope along the route. A vegetated parterre, through which passes a brine collector that prevents the planting of trees, acts as a necessary buffer between vehicles and pedestrians. The route evokes the pass and derivations of the old railway tracks. A series of widenings become staying spaces and viewpoints, underlining the historical and landscape heritage of the area.